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    Our products

    Seiko materials

    It has one wool processing line, two cap blank production lines, and one cap forming production line. It has strong equipment production capacity and strong scale advantages

    Cap blank fine

    Daily production capacity of 5,000 cap blanks; 2,000 caps per day for finished caps, various finished cap samples are available Or produce according to customer's samples

    Complete variety

    The products are smooth, flexible, complete in variety, color and variety, and are favored by customers at home and abroad. The export rate of the products is 90%, and they are sold well in dozens of countries and regions.

    About us

    Baoding Mandelin Hat Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Baoding Mandelin Hat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was originally called "Xushui County Zhonghua Hat Manufacturing Co., Ltd.". Now it is a joint venture and a professional manufacturer mainly producing wool felt hats and hat blanks. The company has a unique geographical location, located in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Bao'an, with very convenient transportation and communication.

    The company was established in 1984, covers an area of 19,600 square meters, has fixed assets o…


    Covers an area of 19600 square meters


    5,000 caps per day


    2000 caps Nissan

    Product Center


    Contact us

    Address:No. 43, Kangming North Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province
    Contact:Sun Yuanbo
    QQ: 290473847
    MSN: symbolsun1@hotmail.com

    Scan attention

    Official website

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